As IV infusions are new in New Zealand, we studied international infusion businesses to gain market insights. This helped position Drips as a leading provider of on-demand mobile IV infusion services for wellness-focused individuals.

The brand colour, a carefully chosen shade of green, represents our values and resonates with the New Zealand audience, reflecting a sense of vibrancy and the beauty of nature.

Drips prioritised simplicity and elegance, featuring a minimal logo typeface that conveys professionalism and modernity. The clean lines and minimalist design reflect commitment to high-quality IV infusion services. We developed guidelines for consistent visuals across marketing materials, the website, and social media.

A modern mobile IV infusion company in New Zealand that combines research to create an engaging brand image. Drips has become a trusted leader, connecting strongly with its audience. It sets itself apart through consistent adaptability and polished design, solidifying its unique position in the medical field.